“You kind of black out a little bit," - Lucy Quinn on celebrating the WNT’s inaugural Aviva Stadium goal

“You kind of black out a little bit," - Lucy Quinn on celebrating the WNT’s inaugural Aviva Stadium goal
Alanna Cunnane
Alanna Cunnane

The Republic of Ireland’s Lucy Quinn wrote herself into the history books at the weekend, scoring the WNT’s first ever goal at Aviva Stadium, infront of 35,994 adoring fans.

In doing so she launched the team into a new stratosphere, rocketing the Girls in Green to a new era post the World Cup and Vera Pauw’s reign.

The solar system similarities don’t stop there either, the saying no one remembers the second man to walk on the moon comes to mind, albeit harsh on Kyra Carusa and Lilly Agg who fastened the latter notches on the scoresheet.

It is however forever going to be true that Lucy Quinn was the first WNT player to score at the Aviva Stadium.


Secretly, we all wanted to be the person to score first and I’m just absolutely honoured and very lucky that it was me and that we got a few more” Quinn says after the game, ever personable in her demeanour, albeit somewhat lost for words.

To see it hit the back of the net… you kind of black out a little bit," the Birmingham City star says, trying to capture the chaotic nature of the fleeting moment of euphoria.

 "It was an unbelievable feeling and one that will never be topped in my career really.”


To nostalgically pinpoint that moment as the one that the 29 year old self identifies as one that will go on to define her career, in the moment itself, is surreal enough, not to mention how it correlates to her childhood dream becoming a reality right before her eyes.

"It was the stuff you dream of as a kid and you never really grow out of” she says.

“Playing for your country in the Aviva, 36,000 fans, we wanted goals and we wanted to give a performance. The delight you feel, you can't compare it.

"It hasn't quite sunk in yet I don’t think, but what a day. Both my parents were here so it was super special.

"I kind of ran towards them [after the goal] but they're very small and cute so it’s difficult to point them out. I just wanted to thank them for all the sacrifices and everything they’ve done to put me in this position."

Quinn is still in the relative infancy of her international career, and although she has certainly made her 17 caps count so far, she did take the time to acknowledge those who paved the way to get the WNT to the monumental occasion that was on Saturday.

“The girls have worked so hard for years, way before I was involved” she says.

“Players that are no longer with us have all been building for this moment, to put us on the stage that the girls deserve to be on.

“It’s been brilliant, knowing you are going to be playing at the Aviva. We knew there would be a lot of fans coming out. We were just desperate to kick on from the World Cup and get back together.”

Lucy Quinn thinks there's room for improvement

Yet, even in the eye of all of that joy, she still picks out room for improvement.

"If someone said before the game that it would be 3-0, a clean sheet and you'll score one I'd have ripped your hand off, it’s a great start [to the Nations League], but obviously we want more.” she says.

“Personally I could have scored another one, maybe even two. We want to keep scoring goals, keep being creative, keep clean sheets. But yeah we're happy with it in the end."

The Irish WNT will have room to do just that tomorrow evening, taking on Hungary in Budapest in their second Nations League game of the campaign. Kick off is at 6:30pm Irish time and the match will be available to watch live on RTE 2.

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