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Her Sport is centered around all things women’s sport. Our aim is to give girls and women a voice in sport through daily content including video, podcasts, newsletters, online and social media. Through the power of sport, we are fostering gender equality.

We founded due to the clear underrepresentation of women’s sport in the media. The statistics are startling. Currently just 6% of sports media coverage in Ireland goes to women’s sport, this despite the fact that 41% of participants in sport are women. Such levels of under-crediting achievements and starving young people of female role models are unsustainable and have a lasting impact.

The impact is there to see. By the age of 14, girls drop out of sport at twice the rate of boys. This is not for a lack of passion or skill. Women's and girls’ sports are under-promoted, robbing young girls and boys of role models they can aspire to be like.

For our part, we want girls and women to see a future in sport, to feel like they belong and to seize opportunities to get involved, no matter what the standard or the role they play. With Her Sport, we have built something unique; a platform that gives our sportswomen what they have earned - recognition, visibility, support and respect. Her Sport is here to make real, tangible change and inspire future generations. We believe that it’s time to review our attitudes as a society and be honest about the attention and investment we are giving women’s sport.

At Her Sport our goal is to empower women in sport at all levels by providing high-quality and game-changing content that you can’t get anywhere else. We are determined to redefine the way women’s sports news and content is consumed. We are never afraid to push the envelope and alongside our passionate team of editors, writers and producers, we will continue to build a better experience for our growing community.

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