Her Sport exists to educateempower and inspire girls and women to achieve their full potential. We are using sport as a tool to advance women in society and foster gender equality.

If you value Her Sport and women’s sport in any way, please consider making a contribution.

We founded due to the clear underrepresentation of women’s sport in the media. The statistics are startling. Currently just 6% of sports media coverage in Ireland goes to women’s sport, this despite the fact that 41% of participants in sport are women. Such levels of under-crediting achievements and starving young people of female role models are unsustainable and have a lasting impact.

  • Currently, twice as many girls drop out of sport by the age of 14 than boys - with just 7% of girls meeting the recommended physical activity levels.
  • 87% of Irish girls have low self-esteem; the lowest globally.

As a small organisation, sometimes we need a little bit of support. We believe that together as community we can achieve our goals to:

  • Keep girls in sport.
  • Inspire more women to get back active.
  • Increase the attendances at women's sport events.
  • Increase the visibility and recognition of female athletes.
  • Create a cultural shift for women in sport.

Every girl and woman should feel like they have the same opportunity and belong in sport. To help make this possible, our small team works tirelessly to level the playing field. We are giving girls and women a voice in sport through high quality content, education and highlighting the disparity that women face daily. Our purpose is to create real tangible change.

Every donation is valued and goes a long way in supporting our mission and taking our impact to the next level. If you value Her Sport and women’s sport in any way, please consider making a contribution.

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