Spain's Women's Football Squad Continues Strike Amid RFEF Changes

Spain's Women's Football Squad Continues Strike Amid RFEF Changes Spain's Women's Football Squad Continues Strike Amid RFEF Changes
Jordan Klein

The Spanish women’s national football team, including 21 of the World Cup-winning squad, has issued an ultimatum to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) regarding much-needed reforms. This action follows the resignation of Luis Rubiales, who faced criticism for his behavior during the World Cup final.

Last month, 81 players, including the entire World Cup squad, declared they wouldn't play for Spain until significant changes were made within the RFEF. Rubiales resigned as RFEF president after weeks of controversy, including a controversial incident where he kissed Spain player Jenni Hermoso without her consent during the medal presentation.


Despite Rubiales' resignation, most of the victorious squad remains unavailable for the upcoming Nations League matches against Sweden and Switzerland. They argue that the RFEF's issues run deeper than just Rubiales' conduct. It calls for comprehensive restructuring within the RFEF, spanning various departments, to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for female players. The players' statement emphasizes their need to feel safe, respected, and supported, both in women's football and society at large.

While 39 players signed the statement, midfielder Claudia Zornoza, who wasn't part of the statement, revealed her retirement from international football on Instagram, expressing solidarity with her teammates.

The RFEF had given the striking players an ultimatum: name individuals within the Federation to be removed, or continue the strike. The Federation promised to make the necessary changes within a month. Regardless of the players' decision, the RFEF is set to announce its squad for the Nations League, both with and without the striking players. They aim to avoid sanctions, Olympic expulsion, and Nations League exclusion by ensuring they field a team for the upcoming matches.


Despite changes within the RFEF, the World Cup-winning squad remains unconvinced that sufficient progress has been made. This situation highlights the ongoing need for structural changes and increased support for women's football within the RFEF. With coach Montse Tome set to announce her squad for the Nations League clashes, the RFEF hopes to find a resolution quickly to avoid potential sanctions and other consequences that may arise from a squad no-show.

Stay tuned for further developments on this issue.

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