Alan Sugar Proven Wrong After Comments About Female Commentators

Alan Sugar Proven Wrong After Comments About Female Commentators Alan Sugar Proven Wrong After Comments About Female Commentators
Bella Johnson

During Saturday night’s Euro match between Netherlands and Sweden, Lord Alan Sugar took to Twitter to point out the lack of male commentators on the broadcast—but here’s the catch—his statement was just blatantly wrong.


About 15 minutes after Lord Sugar's tweet went live, Jonathan Pearce joined the broadcast prompting even more comments about the idiocracy of his statement.

Instead of attempting to rectify the situation, Lord Sugar tweeted again just three days later claiming that he was the reason former English footballer Ian Wright was commentating on the England V Norway game.


The Arsenal legend took to Twitter in a video where he called the business magnate out on his ludicrous statements.

"In your mind, you actually thought that after you posted that tweet the BBC phoned me up, '' said Wright. “Never mind the fact that we had been booked to do this for a year, you genuinely think that they've called up and said—Ian, you've got to get back ASAP because Alan Sugar has tweeted and we can't upset him. You genuinely believe that happened?”

Other responses to the tweet included one from BBC host Gabby Logan.

"We have plenty of men working on this tournament Lord Sugar, don’t fret you’re not being eradicated," said Logan.

Over the years, it has been very common to see broadcasts made up of entirely men, and as we work towards diversifying sports, it should be anticipated that some broadcasts might be composed of entirely female teams.

That’s not to say men should not be commentating on women’s sports—because they should be. Interest in the women’s game should not just come from women in the same way that interest in the men’s game does not just come from men.

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