Welsh Rugby Advances The Women's Game

Welsh Rugby Advances The Women's Game Welsh Rugby Advances The Women's Game
Bella Johnson

Ahead of the 2025 Rugby World Cup, Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) announced the addition of 17 new full-time contracts for their players bringing the total number of WRU contracts to 31.


The WRU first announced their commitment to the development of the women’s game back in November of 2021 when they announced the inauguration of up to 10 professional contracts for the team.


This newest announcement shortly follows a similar announcement made by Scottish Rugby last month that left Ireland as the only Women’s Six Nations team without any full-time contracts in place with their players.

Scottish Rugby plans to invest £4.1 million into the women’s game by 2024 and committed to the addition of a minimum of 30 contracted players.

This addition leaves a lot of people asking when the IRFU will follow suit.

The commitment to professionalism from the rest of the Six Nations teams allows for them to properly prepare and rehab prior to and following their matches while the Irish players have to simultaneously focus on their game and their day jobs.

Following a brutal 69-0 defeat by the fully-professional English team, Kevin Potts, the IRFU’s CEO, said professional contracts would be considered as soon as the union had appointed its Head of Women’s Performance & Pathways.

The application period for that role closed over two months ago, and there has not been any significant step taken in the direction of professionalism since.

There is little room for improvement in the Irish women’s game if the IRFU does not provide its players with the proper resources and time needed to attain such improvement.

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