Her Sport x Press Up Six Nations Fantasy Rugby League!

Her Sport x Press Up Six Nations Fantasy Rugby League!
HerSport Editor
HerSport Editor

The Her Sport x Press Up Six Nations Fantasy Rugby League is BACK! We've teamed up with Press Up for a great way to get involved in this year's Six Nations with some amazing prizes up for grabs!

There will be prizes for overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It's all about having fun and it's a great way of fully immersing yourself in this year's tournament.

Prizes include:

  • Weekly €25 prizes
  • Press Up Gift Card
  • €100 Overall Gift Card
    & MORE!

How It Works:


The game itself is not complicated.

- You line up your Tik Tok Women's Six Nations dream team every round!
- You earn points based on what your players will do in the real matches!
- Use your intuition when selecting your players to have the most balanced and efficient team possible while respecting your budget!

It is possible to modify your team in between two Tik Tok Women's Six Nations rounds. As long as a player's match has not started, you can add or remove her from your team if this change is within your budget and the authorised player limit per nation.

Each player has an identical starting budget of 240 stars. Different players are valued higher than others - so be smart! You can also only select a maximum of four players from one country. Once you have your team selected, the players earn you points through multiple different ways when the tournament gets started. The maximum number of rugby players allowed per position is as follows: 3 back three, 2 centre, 1 fly-half, 1 scrum-half, 3 flanker, 2 second row, 2 prop, and 1 hooker.


Each rugby player on the field will make you earn points:
- "Team" points which are dictated by the result of the match.
- "Rugby player" points which are dictated by the individual statistics of the player during the match.

Please note that the 'Team' points are applied in proportion to the involvement in a match. If a player only plays half of the match, she will only get half of the 'Team' points.

As a reminder, you can define a captain before each game day among your players. The points achieved by the captain are doubled while your supersub's points will be tripled.

Here are the details of the points scale:

Team Points

Win - 8 points

Draw - 4 points

Defeat - 0 points

Rugby Player Points

Tackles - 1 point per tackle

Dominant Tackles - 7 points per tackle

Line breaks - 7 points per line-break

Carried meters - 0.2 points per carried metre with ball

Breakdown steals - 7 points

Lineout steals - 7 points

50-22 - 10 points

Try - 15 points

Try conversion - 2 points

Try assist - 7 points

Penalty kick - 5 points

Drop goal - 7 points

Official TikTok Women's Six Nations Player of the Match - 15 points

Yellow Cards - -5points

Red Cards- -10points

Choose a Captain and Supersub!

On each round, you have the opportunity to choose a Captain from among your 15 regular players. This player's points will then be doubled on the round!

You will also have the opportunity to choose a Supersub from the players on your bench. Your Supersub's points will then be tripled on the day if and only if that player actually gets into the game during her real game! If she is a starter or does not play, her points will be divided by 2 as for all other substitutes.

Between rounds you will be able to change your players as much as you want - just remember player values increase / decrease the more popular they get so you might not always be able to afford someone you want as the tournament goes on!

If you have any questions or need help just email us at [email protected] or send us a message on our socials!

The Her Sport x Press Up Fantasy League will run for the duration of the 2023 Six Nations. Her Sport and Press Up are also excited to host a Watch Party for Ireland's first Six Nations game against Wales, details here!

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