TUDublin's Starting Women's MMA Classes Again

TUDublin's Starting Women's MMA Classes Again TUDublin's Starting Women's MMA Classes Again
Colleen Mooney

The Technological University Dublin is starting up their Women’s MMA team which will be available for all female TUDublin students. 


This club started last year with a “build it and they will come” outlook, but they are looking for new students from any campus! This is not only a great opportunity for women, but it also helps destroy the thought that the sport is “too daunting” for women to compete in.



The purpose of this 8-week camp is to help female students learn the fundamentals of martial arts. “Martial arts is a long journey so unfortunately there are no miracles, and my goal is after these 8 weeks everyone is ready to join any MMA/BJJ or other martial arts class without feeling that they don't know what is going on.” The coach, Raquel Gonzalez Garcia is looking forward to passing on her passion of MMA. 


Garcia is very passionate about getting young women involved in the sport and hopes to get a large group of girls in the classes. “It is common to hear that people feel more confident, capable of reaching their own goals, and have an increased self-esteem. I would love for these classes to have an impact in their lives as it did with myself. For women in particular, after all the pressure and standards that are imposed by society since we are born, I hope these classes empower them and encourage them to do whatever they think they should do with their lives.”



 She started her MMA journey with Brazilian jiu jitsu when she was studying abroad in Brazil during her third year of college. She loved it so much that she came home and looked for a gym and eventually transitioned to doing MMA. She just recently went to Italy for the Amateur European Championships run by the International Federation of Martial Arts (IMMAF). 


This is a place for women to get stronger, learn new self-defense techniques and discipline without any judgements or embarrassment. This is the perfect step out of your comfort zone to learn something new in a safe and supportive environment. 


The 8-week camp starts this Tuesday, October 11th from 5:15-6:30pm at the Fantom Gym on Moore Street. For students, it will cost a total of €13 for the 1x a week classes. There is also an 8-week camp for a mixed class on Thursdays at 8pm; the total cost of both classes for a TUD student will be €23. TUDublin students can sign up for the club by using the following link: https://www.tudublin.ie/activities/


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