The Only Way is Up for Amy Broadhurst

The Only Way is Up for Amy Broadhurst The Only Way is Up for Amy Broadhurst
HerSport Editor

Emma Connolly

As her dad as her coach from the age of 5, and only brothers to spar against, Amy was born to box, and grew as tough as nails.

In her last attempt at the World Championships in November 2018, Amy was hard done by in India by a controversial decision in the quarter final. She was well on top in the opener but was docked a point for hitting with the inside of the glove, and that was that. You live and you learn.

The newly crowned World Champion was nothing but positive when discussing her recent success, the hard work required and her hopes and aspirations for the near future. Her physical and mental state throughout the World Championship is her proudest achievement, as Amy prepared so carefully for it in every aspect. When you lose in circumstances like the last time, those scars stick, and the fire in the belly ignites even more.  She will never forget this historic win, but has bigger tasks to focus on, full steam ahead.


She is to commence training this week for the Commonwealth Games which begin in July and the only thought on her mind is winning, as she states, “in any competition I am in it to win it…I hate losing so much”. When talking to Amy about what has really brought her on as a person and in boxing, she believes all her sparring with Katie Taylor has brought her on leaps and bounds. It has really helped her mental strength in the ring, as “Katie is so tough and resilient”.

Amy’s eyes and mind are set on the Paris Olympics in 2024, for which qualification stages start at the beginning of 2023. This is just around the corner and is her biggest goal to reach and achieve to date. The Commonwealth Games are there for the taking, and a big stepping stone towards a medal in Paris in two years’ time. However, Amy seems secure in her mindset that she will “keep going no matter what is thrown” at her. A dangerous mentality for any opponent to face!

This youngster has many years left and intends on winning many more titles in the next ten years. Throughout the chat Amy’s confidence and resilience was very much evident, a role model for any aspiring girls who want to get into boxing, or even better yet, aim for the Olympics and win medals. She had some sound advice for the younger generation:

“Sometimes when you are young, you are a bit naïve and you think it is going to be a straight run…it will get really, really difficult before it gets good, so don’t give up.”.


For Amy, watch this space!

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