Katie McCabe: Arsenal's Rough Season, The World Cup & Inspiring Change

Katie McCabe: Arsenal's Rough Season, The World Cup & Inspiring Change Katie McCabe: Arsenal's Rough Season, The World Cup & Inspiring Change
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Katie McCabe is a key figure in women's soccer as the captain of the Ireland Women’s Football team and a key player for Arsenal Football Club.

We got the chance to chat to the football star about Arsenal’s rough season, the training for the upcoming World Cup, and the growing interest in women's football.


Most recently, Katie has been named in the Women's Champions League Team of the Season, received the WSL Goal of the Season, and is PepsiMax’s latest brand ambassador. In the wake of her partnership, she commented “it is fantastic. And I think that the support is gonna go a long way throughout the women’s game.”


Her new collaboration with PepsiMax comes after an injury-stricken season for Arsenal: “It is never nice for you to see teammates get those sort of long-term injuries. It was difficult.”

“And I kind of just drove us forward to make sure we got results for them.”

Arsenal’s season was a reminder of the importance of resilience and how that is motivating the 27 year-old as she looks toward to the World Cup:“We just want to go out there and obviously go to the World Cup and just make the Irish nation proud of us.”

This is not a task she takes lightly. With Irish women’s football increasingly in the spotlight, McCabe has described the importance of inspiring the next generation of young footballers: “We want kids to come watch us, especially young girls now that we are visible to them. And they can see that they can become professional football players and represent their country and play for their favourite clubs.”

“It is all about the next generation coming through. And I think it is an important part using the platforms we have now and using it in a positive way.”

Before we ended, we got to see some of Katie's personality through a light-hearted game of “Who Is Most Likely To” (Ireland Women's Soccer Team Edition).

Watch it here:


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