It's Like Being At The Beach | Meet Leagh Moloney

It's Like Being At The Beach | Meet Leagh Moloney It's Like Being At The Beach | Meet Leagh Moloney
Bella Johnson

At just 15 years old, Leagh Moloney is as dedicated to her sport as any adult athlete.

The Limerick native decided to give athletics a try when she was young, after her older sister got a scholarship to college in the United States.

“My sister did athletics before me,” said Moloney. “She was a shot putter and got to the European Championships, so that inspired me. It was kind of a given that I'd try it because I saw how much she enjoyed it.”

In athletics, Moloney did not only find a hobby, but a community.


“I was so nervous the first day,” said Moloney. “But athletics is such an environment where you're going to flourish no matter what, because the coaches are there to help you, everyone's chatty and everyone's so open and friendly.”

Training for two disciplines (Hurdles and Long Jump) takes time, and training on top of going to school and studying is no small feat, but Leagh Moloney has her days down to a science.

“I'm up at like six o'clock in the morning to go into school in Limerick City, and then I'd finish school and go out to the track 20 minutes from school,” said Moloney. “Then obviously eat and go home, study and go to sleep, and do it all over again.”

Moloney explained the ways that athletics helps her to clear her head, and she has often found that it can help her performance in school and in her social life.


“Doing the track helps you clear your mind,” said Moloney. “It's exhilarating. You just run at it and you just keep going and there's nothing in your way.”

The long jumper finds role models in the athletes around her, but more namely Olympic Athletes like Sarah Lavin who trains on her home track.

“Sarah Lavin is so good because she trains in my home track, and any time she's there she'll talk to you or she'll go through drills,” said Moloney. “One memory I have is when I was eight and Jessie Barr the Olympian was there, and she just stopped her session and did a whole session with me and my friend. That was so inspiring.”

Leagh Moloney has had an impressive year so far, but she is not ready to slow down any time soon.

“I'd like to get to the Youth Olympics next year, and then obviously World Under 20s in a few years time,” said Moloney. “And I'd love to jump six metres. It could be done in a season. I feel like I could have that by next year.”

The 15-year-old has been making waves all season hitting PB after PB, and she is after one more before the end of the season.

“Getting that one final one at the last competition would just end it all off perfectly,” said Moloney. “Go out and flourish and get a PB because I feel like I can. You can feel it coming.”

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