Dr Stephanie Ooi And Dr Kiran Rahim Talk Periods and Cultural Taboos | The Period Panel

Dr Stephanie Ooi And Dr Kiran Rahim Talk Periods and Cultural Taboos | The Period Panel Dr Stephanie Ooi And Dr Kiran Rahim Talk Periods and Cultural Taboos | The Period Panel
Jessica Gardiner

In the latest episode of the Period Panel, we were delighted to have Dr. Stephanie Ooi and Dr. Kiran Rahim join us on the Period Panel to share their professional insights discussing women’s health.

A GP with MyHealthcare Clinic, Dr. Stephanie Ooi is passionate about using her skills and knowledge to educate people about their health and address any concerns they may have - often using her social media platforms to do this. Dr. Ooi also takes an interest in patients experiencing concerns with fertility, women’s health, the menstrual cycle and allergies. She co-hosts a podcast called The Medic Mum Podcast, discussing motherhood, family health and wellbeing.

Dr. Kiran Rahim is a paediatrician working in the NHS. Dr. Rahim uses her experiences as a medical professional and mother to educate others to help educate parents on any health concerns they may have regarding their children. She also hosts online child health Q&A’s with parents and shares regular “Empathetic & Evidence-Based Tips & Tricks” on her social media platforms.

Dr. Ooi and Dr. Rahim provided some valuable insights into women’s health and answered some burning questions about periods. Both Dr. Ooi and Dr. Rahim also shared their opinions of how their cultural upbringings impacted their knowledge around periods and menstrual cycle.


Speaking from personal experience, Dr. Ooi and Dr. Rahim are fierce advocates for educating parents and young girls about periods and encouraging them to feel comfortable to have open conversations about the menstrual cycle. Both doctors also shared why they believe in raising awareness around women’s health - intentionally educating women about menopause, the benefits of exercising while on your period and the importance for women, especially pregnant women, to take iron supplements.

Watch the full episode to get all the information surrounding cultural taboos and periods, and how we can change the way information is presented for the next generation of young girls.

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