Meet The Contenders: Pamela Lee and Catherine Hunt

Meet The Contenders: Pamela Lee and Catherine Hunt
HerSport Editor
HerSport Editor

Pamela Lee and Catherine Hunt

In the early hours of Tuesday 14th October, barely before the sun had risen, two sailors set off to complete a lap of Ireland and set a new world record. Pamela Lee and Catherine Hunt set sail to make history.
Lee and Hunt completed the 761 nautical mile challenge in an astonishing time of 3 days, 20 hours and 29 mins. Lee revealed, “We’re now not just the female record holders and the double-handed record holders but we’re the under 40ft outright record holders. So, it’s pretty cool!”
The motivation behind the challenge was to inspire girls in Ireland and the UK to dream big and hopefully pursue an avenue in sailing.
Sailing for almost 4 days is challenging enough, never mind the unpredictable Irish weather. Fortunately, Lee and Hunt were lucky and it only rained once but Lee laughed “At that point, we were covered in seawater so we didn’t notice!”.
Lee said the hardest thing about napping was waking up in the cold, “It was absolutely freezing! I definitely underestimated how much night time there was. There were about 12 hours of darkness.”
Claiming the new world record was an amazing feat for the team - definitely an inspiration to young girls and boys alike!




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