Meet The Contenders: Kilkenny Camogie

Meet The Contenders: Kilkenny Camogie
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Kilkenny Camogie

The pandemic has affected sports all around the world, from the decrease in spectators, minimal interaction with teammates, and isolated training. Unlike many teams, some Kilkenny athletes agree that this year benefited their performance. The team believed there was less pressure put on them and they were able to take a breath and focus on their performance.
In hopes of redeeming their crushing defeat in the All-Ireland Championships last year, the team excelled over their competition this season. They won their first group match against Waterford 0-15 to 0-8. The team then went on to beat Westmeath in the second match 6-13 to 1-7. Kilkenny finished off their group campaign with a win against Limerick 2-16 to 0-8.
Heading into the semi-finals against Cork, many believed the team would be unprepared because of their 3-week layoff. They proved them wrong after winning 2-10 to 1-11 and securing a spot in the final match.
Prior to 2020, Kilkenny had previously made the last six of the seven finals winning just the one. The team entered the finals against Galaway searching for their 14th title overall. The entire game was a game of tug-of-war, but Kikenny pulled through on top and were crowned champions of Ireland.
After years of heartbreak and despair, Kilkenny established themselves yet again as the top dogs of camogie.




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