"Rosie O'Reilly is synonymous with LGFA in New York" - Simon Gallespie

"Rosie O'Reilly is synonymous with LGFA in New York" - Simon Gallespie

Since its establishment in 1992, Rosie O'Reilly has become a household name in the institution of Ladies Gaelic Football in New York.

Almost exactly 30 years ago, O'Reilly was in the room where LGAA NY was created, and since then has played in every single season to date. From that small meeting of 15 people with interest in LGAA, 7 teams were formed, and all are still standing today.

She says "it's important as an athlete to give back" when she talks us through her time in coaching and the progression she has witnessed in her team. Simon Gallespie said that through coaching O'Reilly was able to "instill her drive in the girls" and make a massive difference in the community. O'Reilly reveals that throughout her time coaching, she has taught "some of the greatest young athletes I've ever seen, they want to learn they really listen to everything you have to say"


And the effect she has had on the lives of these girls has not gone unnoticed. Sophie Colgan said that O'Reilly "really brings people together, she takes care of young girls when they come here

"she's in football training every night of the week  


"Rosie is one of a kind, she's in a class of her own"

O'Reilly discusses the highs and the lows of her career in Gaelic Football, including the gut-wrenching 2011 All Ireland Final where they drew in 2 consecutive matches and narrowly lost on the third. O'Reilly referred to this final as a 'killer' both financially to the club and to the morale of the players.

But her hunger to take away an All Ireland Title is not lost and she shares the ambition to put LGAA NY right at the top this season.

O'Reilly is also a very highly awarded athlete outside of GAA. She has been awarded as the 2002 Ladies Gaelic Football Association of New York guest of honour, the NY Men's GAA guest of honour (second lady to be honoured in the past 100 years), the Cavan Men's FC guest of honour, Donegal Men's football club guest of honour and the list goes on. 

Her impressive sporting repertoire does not stop there, as she has also completed several marathons, the Spartan race in which she game sixth, several Hyrox races where she has come first, and gold in the World Games at Dubai.

Rosie O'Reilly is truly a testament to women's sport. Watch her interview now on our YouTube channel to hear more of her story.

Rosie O'Reilly - New York Legend | 30 Years of New York LGFA - YouTube

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