Cavan ladies contemplating strike as they seek "the bare minimum"

Cavan ladies contemplating strike as they seek "the bare minimum"
Neasa Kennedy
Neasa Kennedy

Cavan Senior Ladies have spoken out against Cavan LGFA over player issues such as expenses, confirming that they are contemplating striking.

Cavan players including Lauren McVeety, team captain Neasa Byrd and Collingwood AFLW's Aishling Sheridan featured on the 'We Are Cavan' podcast to bring awareness to their situation.

Byrd alluded to a "constant battle" with the county board over issues from expenses to player welfare and expressed her frustration that "there's a lot of people that have no clue how much money we are out (of pocket)".

Player's revealed that Cavan manager Gerry Moane has also contributed his own money to pay for a bus to get the girls to Cavan for training, with other members of the management team helping pay towards fuel costs for the 225km round-trip.


On January 15th, both sides signed a 'squad charter' with players now claiming that this charter has been broken. One example discussed was around the expenses section of the charter, with an initial expense of €30 to cover fuel being afforded to players initially now being ceased by the county board.

The charter covers six areas, expenses being one, and Neasa Byrd explained that some costs were covered, but "not what was agreed that night on the charter."

"We had asked the county board that the girls who are driving down on Tuesday nights for training get expenses. One week, girls received €30 for driving down, which was four cars that got €30 [per car]. Then the next week, one car drove down and they got €30."

"Since that, we've received nothing more. Girls are constantly driving down the road, not getting a penny."


Lauren McVeety is one of the players based in Dublin and she said that between trainings, gym sessions and matches she clocked up 16,783 miles last year, receiving no travel expenses for that, with hopes that following this years charter agreement things would be different.

Out of the squad, 20 players are based in Dublin either through college or employment, and are making the journey to training every Tuesday and Friday. The lack of contribution towards expenses leaves many in Dublin left with a difficult decision and consequentially results in just 7 or 8 players at county training when girls in Dublin can not financially justify the journey.

"We should be able to have a full training squad, in one place, on a Tuesday evening. That's kind of the bare minimum standards of an inter-county team." said McVeety.

The players expressed that "financial pressure is being balanced off whether you want to be on the team or not" while they also expressed worry that many of the players are young girls just starting in college and that a bad experience like this may put them off committing to the sport next year.

The "bare minimum" is all they are seeking and players feel strike action may be their only option if change does not occur.

"We are not looking for equality because I don't think that's realistic but we're looking for the bare minimum to perform. The thought of striking has crossed our mind while our management could possibly walk," Byrd said.

The three players also expressed their frustration surrounding gear with players being given one set of socks and shorts for their Division 2 Lidl League campaign which they expressed is "not good enough".

The players spoke calmly and rationally around attempts to resolve the situation, stating that they attempted to organise a fundraiser and an Easter GAA Camp to help alleviate costs, but the county board said no, without explanation.

"This isn't an attack," Byrd added. "We want to work together so Cavan ladies football can be as successful as possible."

"It's not them vs us, and it's never been that way. We want a response from them to get this thing moving and get the bare minimum for the team."

"[Going on strike] has crossed our minds. It's either that or our management could possibly walk, which we don't want. We would rather strike and keep our management than for our management to walk away."

Players also stated that efforts have been made on their side to meet with Cavan LGFA but they have been ultimately unsuccessful.

Cavan LGFA have not responded to the claims.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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