An Impressive Day Of Racing For Gillespie

An Impressive Day Of Racing For Gillespie

Lara Gillespie impressive win in the UCI Class 2 scratch race this weekend backing up her win in the National Championship Scratch Race.

The UCD rider faced tough competition and wasn’t the only national champion on the start line with the Danish national champion, Amalie Winther Olsen (Spellman Dublin Port Cycling Team) also looking to take a win in her national champion’s kit. Gillespie proved quickest in the sprint for the finish, beating Emily Kay (Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands) and Italian rider Francesca Selva (T Red Factory Racing).


“It’s nice to get out again today and feel strong. It came to a sprint today and the legs were there so I’m happy with the outcome.

“There’s some really strong riders here this weekend and obviously Amalie is top notch and it’s really nice to get to race her so it was a strong field so I’m really happy with how it’s gone,” Gillespie said after the race.

Speaking about her win in the National Championships scratch race Gillespie added:


“That one meant a lot because this is my first national championship back since being sick the past two years. It’s just good to be at my first national championships back and get on the top step so I’m really happy with it.”

Fresh from the European Championships, Orla Walsh (Nopinz Motip Race Team) knocked over one tenth off the 500-metre time trial record at the Track National Championships which is being run alongside the Dublin Track International, a UCI Class 2 (C2) event.

Walsh set a time of 36.13 beating the record she set at last year's national championships (36.228), retaining the national title. Deirbhle Ivory of UCD Cycling Club set the next fastest time, 38.41 with Orla Mary Harrison from Arcane Cycling Team claiming the bronze medal with a time of 39.88.

Orla Walsh said:

"That was a fun ride, it's a lovely day as well so that helps. I messed up my start a little bit. It's funny I always pick out the things I've done incorrectly for next time but overall I'm happy with the pb time and national record so it was good.”

Deirbhle Ivory of UCD Cycling Club took home her second silver medal of the weekend while Emily Kay rounded off the podium after beating Orla Harrison (Arcane Cycling Team) in the match sprints for the bronze medal.

Gillespie and Kay partnered for the UCI C2 Madison and came away with the win on 65 points ahead of Amalie Winther Olsen (DEN) and her partner for the race, Francesca Selva (ITA) who finished on 47 points. Kerry Jonker (Andy Schleck CP NVST) (RSA) who teamed up with Gabriella Homer (IRL) rounded off the podium with 8 points.

Lara Gallespie

Results from all the races today can be found below.

UCI Class 2


Women’s Scratch

  1. Lara Gillespie (UCD Cycling Club) (IRL)
  2. Emily Kay (Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands) (IRL)
  3. Francesca Selva (T RED FACTORY RACING) (ITA)

Women’s Madison

  1. Emily Kay (Team Ireland) (IRL) 65 points

    Lara Gillespie (IRL)

  1. Amalie Winther Olsen (Spellman Dublin Port Cycling Team) (DEN) 47 points

    Francesca Selva (ITA)

  1. Kerry Jonker (Andy Schleck CP NVST) (RSA) 8 points

    Gabriella Homer (IRL)

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