Morning Coffee With...Sarah Dervan

Morning Coffee With...Sarah Dervan
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For this weeks Monday Coffee Break we had a virtual, socially responsible coffee with Galway’s All-Ireland winning captain and all round legend Sarah Dervan. Grab a coffee, kick back and enjoy…
Coffee Order? The largest one you can get me!
Occupation? Continuous Improvement Lead
Club? Mullagh
Where did you first puck a ball? Out in the back garden in Mullagh
Who makes your hurls? O’Deas in Ardrahan
Nickname? Derv
Of all the teams you’ve played for what has been your favourite jersey? Mullagh
What’s the last book you read? Mullagh
WH: Ok we made that one up
If you could have one opponents jersey who would it be? Kate Kelly
WH: That’s two weeks in a row for Kate, you’ll have to fight Michaela Morkan for it…
Biggest whinger in training? Pinball – John Connor – he’s part of the Galway management team!
On a night out who’s most likely to hang you out to dry on social media? Without doubt, Aoife Donoghue! She never leaves the phone out of her hand!
WH: Another Mullagh reference, cool cool
Of everything you’ve won, what’s your most cherished medal? Senior club championship with Mullagh…
WH: ????
Where do you keep your medals? On the wall or thrown in a drawer? They are in the drawer for now anyway…
Midi socks or long socks? I really loved the long socks but got so much abuse from the young ones that I had to change to the midi ones!
Apart from Mullagh ????… Favourite pitch you’ve played on? Croke Park would be a close second!
Carpool karaoke… What 3 players would you bring with you and which song? I’d have to bring Niamh Hannify, the best woman to bust a move, even in the car! Noreen Coen just for the craic! And Mairead ‘Modgy’ Dillon, unbelievable singer I’d listen to her all day… The song? Modgy’s favourite, Old Town Road
WH: Class, we heard that in Galway the traffic lights stop for Niamh Hannify ????
What’s your fuel on match day? Homemade porridge bread and eggs…
And for a cheat meal? Pizza… from Papa Johns… who are our sponsors… Love Papa Johns
WH: You’re worse than David Reidy for dropping the ads
Tell us one thing we may not know about you? I got called for Irish Volleyball Trials when I was in secondary school but a training weekend in Germany clashed with a club game so I never went…
WH: That’s class. Although we heard it was because The Ban was in place in Mullagh until November 2017
And finally Sarah, leave it as it is, or play under hurling rules? Hurling rules for me…
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