Morning Coffee Break With Collette Dormer

Kilkenny Camogie star, Collette Dormer, a WIT graduate, is the latest star to take to the Monday Coffee Break segment.

Morning Coffee Break With Collette Dormer Morning Coffee Break With Collette Dormer
Women's Hurling

The sun is shining and championship is on the way. Well sort of, we presume it’s on the way but we haven’t heard anything! Anyway, while we wait from white smoke from the camogie association, why not grab a coffee and enjoy five minutes with not only one of her counties best ever defenders, but one of the games all-time great corner backs, Kilkenny’s Collette Dormer.

Coffee order: Flat white with almond milk (Oat milk is NOT better)

Occupation: Architectural Technologist


WH: So you create buildings and destroy corner forwards, life is all about balance

Where did you first puck a ball: In the garden

Who makes your hurls: Star Hurls in Kilkenny

Of all the teams you have played for what’s your favourite jersey: All-Star’s 2017, same colours as the club


Who’s the biggest whinger at county training: If its any way cold it’s Power… Actually it doesn’t have to be cold she still would be

Most likely to hang you out to dry on social media on the sesh: Danielle Morrissey… Can you not just have a drink without it being everywhere!

Of everything you’ve won what’s your most cherished medal: The All-Ireland medal, the memories it holds

Medals up on the wall or thrown in a drawer: In a drawer but not thrown, in a very ‘fancy’ Newbridge Silverware box!

Midi socks or long socks: Midi

Carpool karaoke on the way to training. Which song and which teammates to belt it out with: Power, Gaule and Shelly. Bit of Eminem – Lose Yourself. For a good karaoke I’d bring Phelo, she knows every song!

Pre match meal: The boring chicken and pasta. Or a jam sambo / scone

And for a cheat meal: Anything spicy! Thai green curry from Aroi in Kilkenny or a Dominos

Favourite ground to hurl in: Semple Stadium, great memories

What’s the one thing you have to do to play county that you will stop immediately on retirement: Having to say ‘No’ or ‘I’ll see’ to family functions and parties!

You may not know this about me but… I’m due to get married this year. You would think November would be a safe time to get married!!!

And finally Collette, play under hurling rules or keep it as it is: Hurling rules would allow for more crossover of high quality referees and showcase the speed and skill camogie players have

This article was brought to you in association with Women's Hurling.

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