Monday Coffee With… Laura Twomey

Women's Hurling chat with Dublin star and 20x20 Ambassador, in the new Monday Coffee Morning chat segment.

Monday Coffee With… Laura Twomey
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Now that it’s actually Monday, quick check, yes now that it’s actually Monday, normal service resumes so grab a coffee, kick back and enjoy five minutes with Dublin and Naomh Mearnog star Laura Twomey.
Coffee Order? Americano
Occupation? I’m a lecturer in TU Dublin
Where did you first puck a ball? Out in the Woodlands in Portmarnock
Nickname: Loz, Lozzie, Twoms
Who makes your hurls? Dowling Hurls in Kilkenny
WH: Dowlings as in The Star Hurley? ⭐️
LT: Yup, the Star hurley for the star player (winks at camera)*
*Disclaimer. The last part of this conversation may be partly / entirely fictional
Of all the teams you play for, what’s your favourite jersey? Really like the current Dublin one…
If you could have the jersey of an opponent you respect the most? Defintely Mary Ryan from Tipperary
Who whinges the most at county training? Definitely Orla Beagan ????
And who is the most likely to hang you out to dry on social media on the sesh? Ali Twomey, her most recent crime was last summer ????
WH: Not sure what the cow emoji is about, we’ll just let it hang there
Of everything you’ve won what’s your most cherished medal? 2012 Purcell Cup with DCU
Keep the medals on a wall or in the drawer? In the drawer
WH: The next one has become the central question in recent weeks…
Midi or long socks? Midi all the way
WH: Take that Sarah Dervan and Hannah Looney. Style always prevails over substance in the end ????
Carpool Karaoke, which song and pick three team mates to sing it with you: My sister Miriam, my club mate Aoibhe Dillon and Ali Twomey. Ghost by Ella Henderson, it’s haunting (winks at the camera again)
What’s your prematch fuel? Poached eggs, home made bread and coffee
And your cheat meal? Thai from Koba…
What’s your favourite ground to hurl in? Parnell Park
What’s the one thing you have to do to play county that you will stop immediately on retirement? MAS runs!!
We may not know this about you but… I have an extra bone! ????
WH: Ah yes, the talent bone. Checks notes. No sorry that’s a gene, the talent gene
And finally Laura, keep it as it is or play under hurling rules: Keep it as it is, with the new rules…
WH: So don’t keep it as it is? On that note… ????
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