Pharmacist Jess Redden Debunks Period Myths On The Period Panel

Pharmacist Jess Redden Debunks Period Myths On The Period Panel Pharmacist Jess Redden Debunks Period Myths On The Period Panel
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Pharmacist Jess Redden joined us on the Period Panel to share her professional knowledge on the menstrual cycle, answer some burning questions and give some personal advice on pregnancy.

Jess Redden qualified as a pharmacist in February 2022 and dreams of opening up her own pharmacy with an additional one-stop health store attachment. She specialises in a holistic approach to health and emphasises the benefits of a balanced lifestyle.

Jess is married to her longtime partner who is also a former Ireland rugby player. Along with her occupation as a pharmacist, Jess is also a fitness enthusiast, promoting wholesome healthy habits.

In this episode of the Period Panel, Jess shares her expertise on the menstrual cycle, highlighting how having knowledge of the menstrual cycle and women's health can be empowering for women.


We delved into prevalent symptoms related to periods and the menstrual cycle - such as cramping, bloating, and fatigue - and discussed some natural remedies and medication suggestions to help alleviate these symptoms.

Jess also addressed common misconceptions surrounding the menstrual cycle, namely the false narrative all periods are the same and the hesitancy towards medication while menstruating.

Jess is also currently pregnant, and she candidly shared her pregnancy experience, including sharing some tips such as exercising while pregnant.

To hear Jess’ professional insights, watch the full Period Panel episode on YouTube or give it a listen on Spotify.


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