BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:spatie/icalendar-generator BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:Europe/Dublin BEGIN:DAYLIGHT DTSTART:20231029T020000 TZOFFSETFROM:+0100 TZOFFSETTO:+0000 END:DAYLIGHT BEGIN:STANDARD DTSTART:20240331T020000 TZOFFSETFROM:+0000 TZOFFSETTO:+0100 END:STANDARD END:VTIMEZONE BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:UTC BEGIN:STANDARD DTSTART:20230722T220157 TZOFFSETFROM:+0000 TZOFFSETTO:+0000 END:STANDARD END:VTIMEZONE BEGIN:VEVENT UID:hersport-event-51497 DTSTAMP:20240417T220157Z SUMMARY:Hockey: EHL Final 8 Tournament 2024 DESCRIPTION:The Euro Hockey League FINAL8 will run from 28 March - 1 April\ , hosted by Pinoké\; and AH&\;BC Amsterdam at the Wagener Stadium .\nThe five-day event features the top eight men&rsquo\;s and women&rsquo\ ;s teams from Europe\, all dreaming of winning the world&rsquo\;s best clu b competition.\n\n \n Advertisement\n \n\n \n\n LOCATION:Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan\, 1182 AE Amstelveen\, North Holland Netherland s IMAGE;VALUE=URI: nament-2024.png DTSTART;TZID=Europe/Dublin:20240328T000000 DTEND;TZID=Europe/Dublin:20240401T000000 GEO:52.3196025;4.8542404 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR