Never heard of Nüdest? Here’s what you need to know

Never heard of Nüdest? Here’s what you need to know!

Nüdest started from a need.

As a busy person looking for something healthy but tasty to grab on the go, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Any search on most shop shelves left me empty handed or disappointed – often the options were yet another banana or maybe a sorry-looking apple!

Bananas of course are a great way to get fast but good, all-natural energy.  However, we also know that slow-release energy – from complex carbohydrates don’t just keep you feeling full for longer but fuel your workout for longer!  Coming from a farm and from a family of foodie nuts I understood the power of natural ingredients to nourish and sustain me during the day. As well as that, I just love the physical and mental strength I draw from being outdoors and active in the fresh air.

I needed something not just nutritious and delicious but portable too – something I could take anywhere.

It had to be something simple though! One of my mottos is that life should be easy-going and fun. It’s the same for my attitude to health and nutrition – I don’t want hassle or to have to stress about it. What’s not good for your head isn’t good for your body either!

Fiona Keane, Founder, Nudest Foods
Photo: Fiona Keane, the founder of Nudest Foods wanted to create a healthy, delicious on-the-go snack.

I wanted a clever solution – one that made a healthy choice enjoyable! I needed a no-faff snack.

So, working with a nutritionist at University College Cork, Nüdest was designed as an innovative balanced blend of fruit, grain and natural protein – everything we need – (but only what we need) – to keep us going.  

This blend, free from any refined sugars, with whole fruit and high fibre, 100% natural, tasty, light, and easily digestible by the body is what makes Nüdest uniquely suited to be a pre, during and post activity snack.

Now you can take Nüdest wherever you are – to every mountain top, surf spot or park path where Nüdest hits the spot.  Our series here will continue by exploring the relationship between good energy in all its physical and mental forms on your goal achievement and sports performance – join us here next week !

Check out the Nüdest website here and take a look at their products in the link below!

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