About Us

Her Sport is centred on bringing the latest women’s sports news, celebrating the successes of our nations female sports stars. Our stars are from amateur to elite, of all ages, whether it’s an Olympic qualification or the completion of your first couch to 5k run! We aim to inspire more female participation in sport, increase opportunity and level the playing field for future generations.

For too long there has been the debate of why women’s sports receives less coverage and support than mens. With competition just as fierce, the same training and effort put in, women in sport deserve the same opportunities as their male counterparts. For your sisters, daughters, mothers, friends and for yourselves – let’s make a change!

Our first goal at Her Sport is to promote and support women in sport, dedicating a website to female sports news. We want to share the latest stories, updates and competition reports, generating a movement and creating change. Be sure to contact us with local news, tag “Her Sport” in posts and pictures and use the hashtag #hersport to let us know what’s going on!